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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

ACI Financial is an Advisory Firm committed to helping individuals set customized goals and achieve financial independence.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We believe everyone should have a financial plan. Not the type of planning that is designed to sell products, but a plan as outlined by the Certified Financial Planning board. We currently have two CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals in our practice with over 40 years combined experience. The engagement that the CFP Board outlines involves a seven step process and our goal is to try to provide such a plan to our clients at a reasonable cost. From this plan comes a recommendation designed to help clients meet their needs, wants, and wishes. We are then able to implement the plan with products that are available from our independent firm, Al Campbell Insurance Agency Inc., and our financial services firm, ACI Financial, LLC. Once the plan is established and implemented, we are able to monitor the plan with a series of regular reviews and updates as life’s changes occur. The success of our clients is celebrated and equates to success of our firm.